Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Even in Australia

Unfortunately, my day started off by me stabbing myself while getting dressed this morning. Fortunately there was no blood.

Unfortunately, my hair fell out twice before I even made it to school. Fortunately I had a ponytail holder in my car so I could put in a quick side ponytail before heading in to work.

When I got in there were some emails waiting for me. Fortunately they were about two conferences I was approved to go to. Unfortunately one was sooner than thought and my principal hadn't been able to find me a sub. Fortunately I do not have to find my own subs. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I discovered the second conference was during a scheduled observation.

Fortunately I didn't have time to dwell on it because I had to begin teaching.

Once teaching I discovered a cut on my hand which I don't think was from the accidental stabbing, but who really knows? Fortunately it only bled a little and I didn't really need a bandaid.

During Latin I had 25 minutes to myself where I decided to find the information about the conferences I'd signed up for. Fortunately I remembered I'd been sent an email with the details. Unfortunately, no matter what keyword I used, I could not find the email. (The searches I tried included, but were not limited to: The names of the trainings, the person teaching, the location, the dates, the person who forwarded the email to me, "training", "opportunity", "management", "Google forms".)

Fortunately, three hours later I remembered another way to search and found it. It turns out all the information I'd tried searching for earlier was in an attached picture and therefore unsearchable.

Unfortunately it was during prep and I wasn't able to get much grading done. Fortunately I have a T.A. who does most of my grading for me. Unfortunately she had to retake a test instead of grade papers for me.

Fortunately, I still had time to grade everything after school.

Unfortunately I still had to print out the history test. Fortunately, I have all the history test master copies (except for one) in one location. Unfortunately, the only one I was missing was the one I needed.

Fortunately another teacher on my team had a copy I could borrow.

Fortunately I was able to make a master copy. Unfortunately I had forgotten to write the bonus question on the test. Fortunately a nearby teacher had a pen I could use to write on my new master copy.

Fortunately the printer was still working. Unfortunately I jammed it. Fortunately it shows pictures of how the unjam it. Unfortunately it only shows pictures of how to unjam it. Fortunately, because I am a smart person, I figured out how to unjam it based on the pictures.

Fortunately I still had time to staple all the tests together. And I even had enough.

Fortunately I ended the day in one piece. Unfortunately we ended late. Fortunately, no one had to catch a bus. Unfortunately, I just remembered I forgot to tell a student he was going home with a different carpool. Fortunately he was not there when I left the school, so I assume he found his carpool and left with them.

Soooooooo that was my day today. But, according to a beloved children's classic, "some days are like that, even in Australia."


  1. Those copy machines! We could really use at least a little directions in writing! The sun will come out tomorrow!

  2. Yes, I was thinking as I read this that you were having an "Alexander" kind of day! The other title I was thinking of was "A Series of Unfortunate (or Fortunate) Events." What a different way of writing a slice! I think I may borrow this! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Alice,

    Thanks for sharing this funny day. Most of us can relate to some of the fortunate-unfortunate things.

    What a clever way to write a post.

    I hope you managed to reschedule the observation.

    Best wishes.