Thursday, March 1, 2018


In my class is have a few boys who love Batman. This was made very clear at the beginning of the year when they had a verbal disagreement about which of them got to go by the name Batman. (I think I vetoed that idea but I really don't remember.)

For the last couple of months Batman has been showing up in my class. Sometimes it's just his name, sometimes it's the bat signal scribbled on the back of a test or on the whiteboard, sometimes he doesn't show up at all, but he's in the back of everyone's minds.

The other day I had a student show up late to class. He'd been at a doctor's appointment or something earlier. Most of my students didn't see him come in.

But eventually he had to come to the front of the classroom to address the class (it was probably our afternoon meeting share). While up there it became apparent that his undershirt, which was not school approved, bore the logo of Superman.

There were gasps from the Batman lovers.

"Traitor!" said one.

"So that's where you were!" said another.

The student looked down at his shirt, then making sure to cover the Superman symbol, out one finger over his lips and said, "shhhh."

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  1. I enjoyed learning about the secrets occurring in your classroom!