Friday, March 3, 2017

I don't Mind

"Hey, Miss Maddox!"

"Yes, Alberto?"

Something mumbled in response that I can't hear because my ears have been plugged up for two weeks. He immediately goes back to reading to his buddy.

We're in kindergarten today. We always are on Fridays. For 20 minutes my students read a book to a kindergartner. Sometimes two kindergartners. (I only have 19 students and 2 are always lunch working. There are 22 kindergartners when they all show up. You do the math.)

"I'm sorry, Alberto. What?"

He looks up brightly, "What, Miss Maddox?"

I was also talking to the student teacher. I had to end my conversation in order to concentrate enough on him that I can hear him, even with my plugged up ears. I'll probably end up reading his lips.

"What did you just say?"

He concentrates for a moment, "Oh. HI!"

Mentally I facepalm. That's what he wanted to say?

"Hello, Alberto. Keep reading."

He smiles with his whole face and turns back to the kindergartner beside him to keep reading. He has a beautiful smile and uses it often. He is a student I can always count on to be cheerful.

Mentally I'm shaking my head, rolling my eyes, and almost laughing. Apparently, children will interrupt what they are doing (which is important) just to tell you, "Hi," because they've noticed that you are sitting near them and they want you to acknowledge their presence.

But I don't mind it. Really I don't.


  1. So beautiful. Children are an heritage of the Lord.

  2. Ninth graders will do that, too. My mom (a preschool teacher) said to stop rolling my eyes and feel appreciated it, but it's hard sometime.

  3. "He smiles with his whole face." I love that line! I can see Alberto in my mind right now because you've described him so well. You've also added some appreciated humor - which all educators need!

  4. It is nice to feel loved! Glad you took the time to let him express himself- even if it was in just 2 words, ordinary words, but important enough for him to need to say 'hi'.