Sunday, March 12, 2017


The fun thing about having a blog where I tell about my students is that my family gets to stay updated on the funny things my students do. Then when we do get together they get the added details that the rest of y'all don't get. Details like my intern coach was completely skeptical about the magic mirror and how, exactly, my students say, "Knowledge."

Alberto and TU were the first students I noticed saying this word.

"Knowledge!" One would say using at least one hand for emphasis, usually two. It was said after something I taught. Anything I taught.

The other students started to pick up on it too. And began using it, but not as a noun.

"Knowledge!" Said for anything important.

"Knowledge!" Said with with both hands when they understand something.

"Knowledge!" Said with a hit on the board because the problem they showed everyone was correct.

"Knowledge!" Because they are correct and have gained information.

"Knowledge!" Because I wrote it on the board for my morning message and they didn't read the rest of it, they just circled the word and pronounced it with extra emphasis when I had them read it aloud.

"Knowledge!" Because they get it and they'll follow my instructions.



  1. I love the images you've shared. What a great word, what a powerful way to use it.

  2. I'm glad they realize how much knowledge you allow them to soak in every day.