Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Student

I got a new student today. When she began talking to me her voice was quieter than a whisper. It still had sound, but it was so quiet I had to ask her several times to repeat herself.

She was quiet all day. As the day went on she got a little bit louder and a little bit louder. During writing time, when my students were taking their opinion essay test, I helped her take her opinion essay pre-test.

"You have opinions on things," I told her using the first example that came to my mind. "You have an opinion on moving here, whether you wanted to or didn't want to. Write about that. It needs to be five paragraphs."

She worked diligently. When she was done she came to show me her essay and I helped her set up her school gmail account so she could type it up. When it was time for recess she said to me, "I was so scared when I came here. I was so worried. but I got lucky. I got the nicest teacher in the whole school!" Her voice was loud enough that I could hear her from two feet away.

"Thank you," I told her. "I'm so glad you think so."

I think I'll like having this new student as much as she likes being here.


  1. Aw. Keep being this teacher, Miss Maddox!

  2. So sweet! I'm sure she appreciates your patience and care and will remember her good experience in your classroom for the years to come!

    -Amanda at

  3. Sometimes finding out you're getting a new student this far into the school year can strike fear into the hearts of teachers. I'm glad you welcomed her and made her feel like part of the class right out of the gate.