Monday, March 27, 2017

I Made a Student cry Today

I made a student cry today. It was during small groups and she needed to be reading. When she didn't, I told her that she had to read for a certain amount of time before going to her group (in the other room with an aide). Which she didn't do. So she got to stay in class and read by me instead. When she decided she was going to her group I said, "No," and turned back to my small group.
Less than a moment later I heard the tears from behind me.

In front of me, at my kidney table, were 3 girls who were trying to partner read "The BFG". They glanced up at the crying student apprehensively. Was I just going to let her cry there? Was I not going to do anything? Was I not going to do anything like earlier when this student had made another student cry? (Yeah. Fun morning.)

I directed the three girls back to their books and asked them to keep reading while I listened. As the tears behind me subsided and stopped, I turned to her and took the time to talk to her about what was gong on and how her behavior could improve.

While I did this, the three girls in my group kept reading their book. And they kept reading their book. And they kept reading their book. And they let me take care of the student who had been crying.


  1. Funny how we say, "I made a student cry." It would be far more accurate to say, "a student cried after such and such happened.

  2. My second graders cry almost every day. At least 2 of them. I stopped doing anything. Mostly they cry because they don't get there way, or they lost a game, or they weren't paying attention when we worked on something as a class and now they get to do it by themselves. I don't have the energy to console them every 25 minutes ha.

  3. We have all had those days! Here's to a no tear tomorrow.

  4. Sometimes it's OK for this to happen. It sounds like you were firm, not mean. And, maybe she needed that tough love. It also sounds like you were able to work it out in the end with this student. Don't be hard on yourself!