Friday, March 17, 2017


Somehow, and I'm not quite sure how it happened, I gave Blobfish Lover permission to bring St. Patrick's Day cupcakes to school today. For everyone.

Somehow, even though we weren't going to have anything St. Patrick's day fun they talked me into believing in their extremely good behavior and we had a leprechaun drawing contest instead of free-time.

Somehow, though it was not my intention and it will not happen again, I offended half the boys in my classroom and some of the girls as well.

Somehow, though my tricks haven't been working this week, I got my class to be quiet while they were waiting to go into the other teacher's class for science (thank you sign language basics.)

Somehow, even though the computer teacher/tech guy got a new job and hasn't been here all week, we got the computers for typing. They were even unlocked.

Somehow, even though we worked on it this week, and all year, all of my students forgot how to do word problems.

Somehow, and I'm sure his goal needs to be higher next term, Alberto met his AR goal at the very last minute.

Somehow, though I don't know exactly how, I'll have a better day on Monday.


  1. This cracked me up. We all have bad days, but don't usually capture it so humorously! Thanks for the laugh. I have to believe Monday will be a great day for you!

  2. Somehow miracles happen. When I began reading, I thought the cupcakes might have blobfish on them! You should do blobfish cupcakes at the end of the school year!

  3. It sounds like the luck o' the Irish was with ye in just so many ways.... That green magic is a tricky thing!

  4. Somehow I know you're right and you will have a fantastic Monday!

  5. Hahaha! Some days in schools are a mixed bag...even in Australia!