Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Night

Sunday night.

Sunday night, almost bedtime.

Sunday night, almost bedtime, starting lesson plans.

It's a good thing a teacher on my team taught me how to take Go Math lessons and turn them into guided inquiry lessons or my students would be bored out of their minds tomorrow during math. And then somehow Monday would turn into another Friday.


  1. I like how your Sunday night repeated & expanded.

    Taking a curriculum program lesson & turning it into guided iquiry sounds intriguing...I'd love to hear more about that!

  2. And now it is Monday morning ... good luck today!

  3. Guided inquiry? Looking that idea up.

  4. ahh... the post of another late night slicer embracing her inner owl. splendid blog to look up "guided inquiry" even if it sounds suspiciously like ed-speak for telling students how to ask questions

  5. Sunday nights can be quite burdensome. However although the beginning of your writing felt like that, there was relief at the end, when you found a way out.
    I also wrote about my Sunday night experience.